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Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy

Department for Education

The challenge

The Department for Education asked for our help creating an animation to enhance their presence at COP26 – a UN climate change summit hosted in Glasgow. They wanted to showcase their Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy at the event and beyond, in particular showing how schools, nurseries and colleges in the UK will nurture a relationship between pupils and nature from a young age.

Our solution

We combined two draft scripts to create one engaging narrative that explains the strategy and how it will be achieved. It’s brought to life through a colourful story book design style that offers wide appeal and is easy for an international audience to understand. Imaginative transitions, detailed illustrations and lively music combine to create a unique animation for a historic occasion.

COVID-19 schools reopening

Department for Education and Cabinet Office

The challenge

As part of their response to the coronavirus pandemic, multiple government departments needed to update the public on how and when schools would begin to reopen. We supported this work with an animation to clearly explain what parents, schools and pupils could expect – at a time when many were feeling stressed and frustrated. The animation had to be clear and engaging, as well as easy to update as the national situation changed.

Our solution

Our copy, design and animation teams collaborated remotely to make sure that each element – from script to storyboard – was signed off swiftly. To meet the tight turnaround, we opted for a stripped-back graphic style that would be quick and simple to animate and update. We used soft music, bright graphics and an upbeat voiceover to show warmth and reassure our audiences in the face of a challenging subject matter.


Health and Safety Executive

The challenge

The Health and Safety Executive asked us to create an animation to engage small and medium-sized enterprises with health and safety issues. The aim was to motivate small businesses to take action, with the message that health and safety matters to every business and doesn’t have to be costly or complicated. HSE also wanted audiences to be aware of HSE and that it’s there to provide advice and guidance on health and safety.

Our solution

As the target audience was small businesses, we didn’t want the animation to feel too corporate. To ensure this we used vibrant colours and a friendly voiceover talking directly to the audience. We showed a character voicing doubts and questions about health and safety, focusing on his facial expressions and work interactions to make him relatable. Simple, clear graphics and a short overall length keep the animation punchy and inspiring.

Smarter Working

Government Property Agency

The challenge

GPA approached us to create a visual illustration of smarter working scenarios and principles within the Civil Service. The picture had to work for online and print purposes, for an audience of public sector senior leaders, management and employees. We were to include variety of locations where staff can work, such as offices, homes and coffee shops, to convey the message of Smarter Working.

Our solution

We developed a multi-layered environment of workspace layouts, featuring scenes of collaboration and technology capability. The characters and objects in the scene are 2D for a consistent and contemporary graphic style, using colours from the Smarter Working campaign palette. We introduced subtle movements including stopping and starting the bus and train, and lightly blowing the trees in the wind.

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