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100 years of women in law

Judicial Office

The challenge

The Judicial Office asked us to capture the celebration of the 100th anniversary of women in law. The event was held at the majestic Royal Courts of Justice, London, and featured many high-profile attendees in the law profession, including Mrs Justice Booth, Baroness Hale and Lady Black. The client needed quick access to the images after the event for social media.

Our solution

We photographed high-profile guests, speakers, the venue and a display of the original robes worn by Mrs Justice Elizabeth Lane, the first female High Court Judge. As the event would be busy, we set up a remote camera on a tripod on a balcony, remotely triggering the shutter to photograph guests below. We edited the images on the same night so that the client could use the images on social media straight away.

Annual reports and corporate plan

Office for Nuclear Regulation


The challenge

The Office for Nuclear Regulation needed fresh, positive imagery to add to their annual reports and corporate plan, documenting the sites they visit and the people they work with. The photographer needed to capture a lot of content focusing on the work ONR do, while adhering to the strict health and safety rules that come with photographing on a site.

Our solution

We travelled to a nuclear power station in Scotland and spent a day photographing the architecture, landscapes and people working on-site. Using a variety of different lenses from wide angle to telephoto, we captured a routine inspection. We focused on the clean outlines of the buildings, and even caught a rainbow framing the power station, which helped convey a bright outlook.

GSS Conference 2018

Government Statistical Service

The challenge

The Government Statistical Service held a two-day event in Manchester that brought together analysts from statistical functions across government. GSS wanted natural, high-resolution shots of speakers, delegates involved in workshops and people networking to show the general feel of the event.

Our solution

We travelled to Manchester to capture both days of the event reportage-style. We took hundreds of pictures. It was important that we were aware of the event’s schedule so we could choose the best parts to photograph. We were also mindful that the schedule could change at any given moment.


The challenge

We are often asked to capture portraits. There are many things to think about when creating these – it’s not easy to capture someone’s whole personality in one image. To get the best shot, we have to think about technical elements such as lighting and settings, while bearing in mind the not-so-technical element of keeping our subject at ease. Portraits need to be versatile so they can be used on a variety of platforms and it’s important that the subjects like them.

Our solution

We regularly create portraits of people from all walks of life, so know how to put our subjects at ease to get the best representation of them in a snapshot. We can shoot subjects in a variety of styles, including with bright key-lit backgrounds, shallow depth of field ‘blurry’ backgrounds or the subject’s surroundings. We usually capture a lot of different image crops, facial expressions and poses to give the client a variety of images to use in the future.

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